Offset Printing---Packaging boxes

Offset printing is another pillar of Luk Ka’s business,making up 30% of total turnover.The company’s colour printing products have been used by and earned praise from many international corporation,a testament to the high quality of these products.
With the recent development in offset printing technology,more computerized systems are required to complement the production process. Luk Ka has made substantial investment in improving its printing facilities to keep apace with the latest development in the industry.
•  Screen PlateRite 800 Computer to Plate System.
•  Screen PlateRite 3200 Computer to Plate System.
•  Kodak Trendsetter 800 Ⅲ Computer to Plate System.
•  Lasercomb ProDigi 1613 Plotters.
In offset printing,Luk Ka possesses the state-of-the-art 1.62 m,6-colour KAB Rapida Printing Machine that is rarely seen in the country and other advanced printing machine.
•  4.5 and 6 colour KBA Rapida Printing Machine.
•  4.5 and 6 colour Heidelberg Speedmaster.
•  Full size 6 colour + Coater Mitsubishi.
•  4,6 Colour of Mitsubishi Diamond Sheet-fed offset.
•  6 Colour + U.V. of Mitsubishi Diamond Sheet-fed offset.
•  8 Colour of Mitsubishi Diamond Sheet-Fed offset.
•  UV Coating Machine.
•  Automatic Die Cutters.
•  Corrugated Laminators.
•  Sakura Automatic Silk Screen Printing Presses.
•  Automatic Hot-stamping Machine.
•  Automatic Box Gluing Machines.
•  Wet Laminator.
The adoption of advanced equipment throughout the production process gives Luk ka a competitive advantage,and lays a solid foundation for further improvement in product and service quality。