Corrugated Boxes And Boards

Corrugated boxes and boards forms one of Luk Ka’ s major business, comprising around 30% of total turnover. As the quality of the products are up to par with international standards, Luk Ka is now a major supplier of corrugated products for many international corporations who are highly approving of the quality of Luk Ka’s products.

Major investment has been made in the production of corrugated boxes including major production lines and flexo printing facilities.

Production facilities for corrugated boxes and boards:
•  2.5m high speed corrugator(A,B,C and E Flute);
•  1.6m corrugator (B,C and E Flute);

Flexo printing facilities include:
•  TCY 3-colour Flexo Folder Gluer;
•  K&H 2-colour Flexo Printer Slotter ;
•  Smoothbonwell 3-colour Flexo Printer with Rotary Die Cutter ;
•  MARTIN DRO 1628 2-colour Flexo Printer with Rotary Die Cutter ;
•  CHIYOA 5-colour Preprinting Machine ;
And many other corrugated single facer,die cutters,stitchers and gluers,etc.