The group has a large number of advanced automation equipment, such as Folding machine, riding nail dragon, glue binding dragon, hardcover dragon, leather shell machine, envelope machine, high-speed double-sided two-color ink printing line machine, etc., can adapt to the production of large batch of high-quality instructions, hardcover books, dishes, folding pages, enterprise picture books, handbags, hanging cards, desk calendars, wall calendars, etc., to meet customers’ diversified Office appliances and various paper daily supplies.

集团拥有大量先进的自动化设备,比如 折书机、骑钉龙、胶装龙、精装龙、皮壳机、信封机、高速双面双色水墨印线机等,能够适应生产大批次高质量的说明书、精装书、菜牌、折页、企业画册、手提袋、吊牌、台历、挂历等,满足客户多样化的办公用具及各类纸制日常用品。