Social Responsibility


Donating for many years and giving back to the society

Luk Ka has donated nearly 80 million yuan, including disaster relief, education, medical treatment, road construction, fire protection and green environmental protection. Among them, Ma brothers contributed 38 million yuan to build Luk Ka middle school in his hometown of CHAOYANG in 2010 (the actual amount was increased to 60 million yuan).
Luk Ka middle school covers an area of more than 70 mu. It will build three teaching buildings, one office building, two dormitory buildings, one multi-functional venue and other supporting facilities. It will be used as the only branch of Nanqiao middle school in Heping Town. The move of Ma brothers fully reflects their "fraternity" feelings of loving mulberry seed, caring about their hometown education and selflessly contributing to the society. This is a very meaningful kindness They set a new benchmark for the overseas Chinese community and future generations.
力嘉累计捐款近8000万元,捐款项目涉及救灾、教育、医疗、修路、消防和绿色环保等多个领域,其中包括2010年马氏兄弟在家乡潮阳出资3800万人民币捐建的"力嘉中学"(后续实际追加至 6000万元).